I can repair a damaged or dirty model or complete one that has been started but the builder was unable to finish the work.

When restoring a damaged model the general philosophy is to use as many of the original parts and techniques as possible, and for the restoration to appear as it might have looked when the original builder put his tools down. My job is usually to "Un-break" it rather than add or change anything that wasn't the intent of the original builder. 

USS Constitution completion:

 This is a model started by a man who fell ill and wasn't able to finish  it. The builder's son wanted it completed and sent the parts to me to do  the work. He had mostly finished the  hull and masts, but it had been  sitting for some time and the parts were quite damaged. The spars and  rigging hadn't been started so needed to be built using the style and  technique of the original builder.  

Dutch shrimp boat restoration

 This one was a very old model of a Dutch boat that had been handed down  within a family, and as you can see was heavily damaged and in need of a  serious cleaning! The sails were unsalvageable so new ones were made  and installed, and a dust case was supplied to keep the model clean and  safe for generations to come.