About us:

Well, there is only me so it isn't really about "us"... I am one person with a passion for designing and building, basically anything. Some people read, some watch TV, I build stuff. The more complicated the subject is the better I like it and ship models in all their intricacy fill that niche perfectly.

I have been building these models semi-professionally in my home workshop for about 20 years, and in 2019 I am working on commission #44. At last count these have gone to 28 different clients, with many, many repeat customers. I have built for museums, collectors, politicians, interior designers, and even the crown-prince of Saudi Arabia!

At my "day-job" I do R&D of medical devices and my background is in Electronics and Mechanical engineering. I can use any technique to construct your project, from old-school exotic woods and linen rigging to modern laser-cutting, chemical milling and 3-D printed parts. I can also include animated and articulated elements such as moving radars or propellers to bring your display to life! 

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I can build a model of anything you like, be it giant-scale or ultra-miniature. Send me a description of what you would like built and some photos or drawings if you have them, and I will find a way to help you.

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The ship models are more photogenic than I am so this is the best you're going to get! 


This 1:100 scale HMB Endeavor was built for a traveling display the History Channel Museum was deploying in semi-trucks. 


This display depicts the 1945 meeting between King Aziz of Saudi Arabia and FDR. I made 6 of these that a businessman gave to clients. (but then he kept one for himself ;-)