Available NOW!

 Most of  the work I do is custom orders on commission so I don't have much "stock" of  finished models. If there is something you would like built please send me a message and lets talk about it! 

I don't have much room for these so I am open to reasonable offers. 

Nonsuch miniature $750 USD


  •  Case dimensions are approx.  10" long, 7.5" high and 5" wide.
  • Entirely scratchbuilt using Swiss Pear, Walnut and Cherry wood.
  • Built from plans obtained from the Manitoba Museum where the reproduction Nonsuch is housed.
  • Includes crating and shipping within Canad and the USA.
  • Built as a waterline model to a scale of 1:150.

San Francisco $1,900 USD


  •  Ship dimensions are approx.  26" long, 20.5" high and 9.5" across the lower main yardarm.
  • Included acrylic dust-case dimensions are approx. 28" long, 24" high and 12" wide. 
  • Upgraded with scratchbuilt ship's boat, crowsnests, guns, etc...
  • Built from the Artesania Latina kit. 
  • Includes crating and shipping within Canad and the USA.
  • This is the first ship model I made. It is Serial Number 001 and  I am on S.N. 044 as of 2019. I could do MUCH BETTER now, but I don't  have room to keep it around anymore so here it is. 

"Admiralty-style" Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde $2,100USD


  • Dimensions are 33" long, 15" high, 8" wide.
  • Includes crating and shipping within the USA and Canada. 
  • Built from the very good Euromodel kit, with many scratchbuilt upgrades.

  This model of the Wilhelm was commissioned by a gentleman that lived in  the Dominican Republic, but he abandoned the project when he learned  shipping and import tax would be prohibitively expensive. I completed  the model "Admiralty style" (with stub masts to save space) and am  offering it here for a discount.