Historic Ship and Display Models
Museum quality ship (and other) models custom made by Jarod Matwiy

About us

Ok, I guess this is more of an "About me" than an "About us" because  there is only me...

My name is Jarod Matwiy and I've been building ship (and other) models semi-professionally since about 1998. To date I've made more than 30 models for museums, collectors and interior designers all over the continent.

I started with sailing ship models because they look almost impossibly complex, but I love building things and the more complicated the subject the more I like it. The truth is, making these things is not complicated at all! You can break it down into very simple steps, and as long as you don't mind doing 10,000 of those simple steps anyone can do this!

I've since branched out to different subjects and while I still love making ship models I could also make pretty much anything you'd like reproduced.

At my "day-job" I do electronic and mechanical design work on experimental medical equipment so I could also make industrial models and animated or moving works. The B-17 in the photo to the right was radio controlled, with 4 gas engines and working control surfaces including smoke generator, bomb-bay doors, flaps and retractable landing gear. It was made for a client in Charleston North Carolina. No, I won't make another flying model so don't even ask ;-)
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